Christian Radio from the American Christian Network. Providing Christian radio to the Pacific Northwest. Christian radio featuring Bible teaching and Christian focused news and current events. The American Christian Network Broadcasts the word of God to the Pacific Northwest and beyond via our 6 affiliates. Skip navigation.
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Christian radio featuring Bible teaching and Christian focused news and current events. The American Christian Network Broadcasts the word of God to the Pacific Northwest and beyond via our 6 affiliates. Christian Radio from the American Christian Network. Providing Christian radio to the Pacific Northwest.


Christian Radio. American Christian Network PrayerBroadcasting the word of God to the Pacific Northwest and Beyond.
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Mail address:

ACN Network
PO Box 31000
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Phone: 1-509-443-1000

The finest Christian Bible teachers and leaders in the world are all on ACN:

Focus On The Family

Dr. David Jeremiah

Pastor Bob Davis

Irvin Baxter

Dr. Chuck Missler

Alistair Begg

Chuck Swindoll

James McDonald

Adrian Rodgers

Pastor Ashley Day

Dr. Charles Stanley

Dr. Joseph Fuiten

Dr. Jonathon Hansen

Dr. Vernon McGee

Layman Dean McCarty

R.C. Sproul

Pastor Bob Davis

Pastor Cody Francis

Dr. John  G. Mitchel

Pastor Gary Randall

Dr. James Dobson

Pastor Richard Lee

Dr. Ed Hindson

Samantha Landy

The 810 Club is now able to process your credit cards with security through a Christian company.

You can now make a gift to the 810 Club on line with your credit card.  Click here.

We want to thank those of you who have been providing financial assistance to the 810 Club by using your credit card on line, above.

Request the weekly email programming  bulletin from the 810 Club.

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David Jeremaih heard in a three state area on your local ACN network affiliated station.

Pay your ACN Advertising Bill


Welcome to America's Great Christian Network Serving Over Two Million People in Eastern Washington State, Northern Idaho, and Northeastern Oregon and Around The World


Happy Birthday To KFIO The Magnificent 1050 AM.  KFIO Is One Year Old.

 We Thank God For You as you have made it possible for thousands of souls to come to the Lord through the teaching you make possible on ACN!

"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." (1 Thessalonians 5:16-19)

Will My Finances Allow Me To Retire?

Many Christians are concerned if they will have funds to continue to support their church and the ministries on ACN that feed them the Word, if they retire.  Many of you have suggested that ACN provide additional programming which will educate us and help us prepare.

In response, Steve Minnich will begin airing a twice weekly program on ACN, Tuesday and Fridays at 8:30am following Churck Missler, beginning December 1st.

STEVE MINNICH is founder and president of True Wealth Financial LLC and host of the popular Smart Wealth Radio Show.  Steve also teaches the well-attended Smart Wealth Boot Camp workshops held at community colleges in Idaho, Washington, California, and Hawaii.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in education from Eastern Washington University and then a master’s degree in education with a specialization in instructional communications. By combining his many years of teaching experience with creative financial strategies, Steve provides a unique, learning-focused approach to retirement cash flow and income planning.

Steve spends several hours each week volunteering with the Gideons International as church ministry liaison and speaker in NE Washington and Northern Idaho and also serves as Vice President and Chaplain of a local chapter.

Barronelle Stutzman-Tune In ACN Friday December 15th at 2pm and Saturday December 16th at Noon for an update.

Barronelle Stutzman, a dedicated Christian and the sole owner of Arlene’s Flowers in the Tri-Cities (KGDN 101.3FM), has served and employed people who identify as homosexual for her entire career. Despite this, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Washington Attorney General claim that she is guilty of unlawful discrimination when she acted consistent with her Christian faith and declined to use her creative skills to beautify the same-sex ceremony of a long-time customer.  The Washington Attorney General is using your tax money in an effort to make your religious freedoms illegal.  He not only sued the business, Arlene's Flowers, but Barronelle personally which means her home, car, and all assets are at risk, according to those familiar with the case.

The Alliance Defending Freedom, ADF, is providing for Barronelle's defense as the case heads to the US Supreme Court.  ADF is not charging Barronelle as she is not a wealthy grandmother and with hourly fees for lawyers of $400.00 an hour and up, she probably would have no legal defense if it were not for ADF taking her case without charge.

Since ADF is not charging Barronelle, they have to raise the funds in order to pay for her legal defense.  THIS CASE WILL BE A LEGAL PRECEDENT.  So we ALL have a lot to lose if this case for religious freedom is not won.

Therefore, we ALL need to do a little something to assist Barronelle and frankly our own churches, schools, and businesses.  This is a matter of self interest also.  So please participate with a gift to help as you listen to Barronelle on ACN tomorrow, Friday, at 8:30am and again at 2:00pm.  The program will be repeated Saturday on ACN at 9:30am so you will have time to email and social media your friends and urge them to tune in for the latest update from Barronelle.ches out there from every brand, and some are worth BREITLING Superocean 44 replica a considerable amount. The arms of the hands have watch then been carefully riveted in place around the canons for the perfect fit.

Dr. Dobson On ACNFamily Talk with Dr. James Dobson, heard daily at 6pm on your local ACN network affiliated station.

Dr. Dobson is also currently heard on the LBS network (KTW 630 AM anbd KTW 96.5 FM) daily at 11:30am.

Dr. Dobson began his radio ministry with a once weekly half hour program that was heard on 1050 AM in Spokane.  Today, years later, Dr. Dobson is still heard on KFIO 1050 AM, In The Air Everywhere in the inland Northwest.

A Christmas Message From Dr. Dobson

Shirley and I want to wish you and your family a very blessed season as believers around the world celebrate the birth of our Savior. Since I was a child, I have cherished this time of the year when nearly everything I loved was uppermost, including togetherness with my family and friends, sacred choral performances, the giving of gifts, decorated trees and lights, wonderful food from marvelous southern cooks, and the story of baby Jesus. It was all there each year in late December.

Unfortunately, many of these traditions and celebrations are no longer observed throughout the culture. What a shame it is that the Christmases that used to be popularly honored are far less common today. Sales people now greet customers with "Happy Holidays," and commercial signs read "X-Mas" instead of acknowledging the coming of the Christ child. I also regret the speed with which our culture moves today. Unless we resist this breathless pace of living, it will lead us to ignore the meaning of Christmas and miss its uniqueness in human experience.




The Doctor and the Bridge

By Jess Read, MD as told to his son, Tom Read


How is a prominent Tacoma, Washington Physician and Surgeon connected with the original Tacoma Narrows Bridge?

What part did Dr. Jess Read play in the history of the 1940 Narrows Bridge?

For the full, fascinating story, click on the Narrows Bridge picture above.

Dr. John G. Mitchell on the Unchanging Word program is now heard daily at 3:30pm to provide the most powerful afternoon teaching hour on Christian Radio.  He is teamed with James MacDonald from 3 to4pm on your local ACN network affiliated Christian station.

1050 AM is now back home, back where it started with the best Bible teachers in the country, as the newest affiliate of the American Christian Network.  KFIO, The Magnificent 1050 AM, provides Christian programming to a wide area previously without local Christian radio.  Reception reports have been phenomenal .  For your reception report, email

History of 1050 AM and the historic KFIO call letters click HERE!

"Eyes On Washington" is one of Seattle's most popular radio programs among Christians.  It is produced through the Salem Christian stations in Seattle and has been a primary source of "straight talk" about state and national issues of importance to Christians, from a Biblical perspective.

The program features Pastor Marty McClendon and Doug Basler.  A special state wide weekly version of Eyes On Washington is now heard Saturdays at its new time of 11am on the full ACN radio network.

Pastor McClendon can be reached by mail at the following address:

PMB 173, 5500 Olympic Drive, Suite H 105, Gig Harbor, Washington 98335.  Telephone 1 800 738 1474.

Gary Randall mentioned on his November 9th program on ACN that Dr. Jess Read was the last person to cross the Tacoma Narrows Bridge before it went down in 1940.  Yes, that was Tom Read's father.  Now, you can read the rest of the story.   Click HERE!

Expo 74 At 40 Click Here

Here is a picture of the ACN and LBS icons that you will find at your cellphone app store.  Go to your app store on your cell hone and click on the black and white ACN icon and download the free app.   The icons, as pictured, will be available on your phone.   Simply click on the icon and the ACN network audio will start playing through your cell phone.  After you download the ACN free app, then go back to the app store and download the LBS app.  The iPhone and Android cell phones have the app available now for downloading.   

For the Blackberry and other cell phone, click on ACN to listen to the ACN network and click on LBS to listen to the Liberty network.

Want a complete ACN program schedule or a schedule for any of the ACN network affiliates?   Simply click on EMAIL and email us your name, full postal mailing address and the affiliate to which you listen:   KSPO 106.5 FM Spokane, KFIO 1050 AM Inland Northest, KTW 630 AM Spokane, KYAK 930 AM Yakima, KGDN 101.3 FM Tri-Cities/Walla Walla, KTAC 93.9 FM Moses Lake/Othello, KTBI 810 AM Wenatchee and Central Washington.

If you do not already receive the 810 Club email programming bulletins, email now and ask to be placed on the list.   Simply click on the radio. 

ACN CEO, Tom Read, answers listener's questions that have been asked by 810 Club members.  You can also email ACN with your questions.  Click here for ASK TOM READ.

The Unchanging Word with Dr. Mitchell Now On Each Weekday At 3:30pm.
Listen to Patriot Radio with Matt Shea Tuesday and Thursday and Kevin Wolter on True Wealth, sponsored by Coins Plus, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4pm and again at 9pm on ACN.  To contact True Wealth, email


Chiropractic Care * Corrective Exercises * Lifestyle Advice * Nutritional Counseling * Massage Therapy * Spinal & Postural Screenings         Northpointe Office  509-464-2273  Monroe Office  509-326-3795

Hear Dr. Houk on ACN Saturdays at 6am and KTW Saturdays at 7:00am and 1:30pm.   Sundays at 8:00am.

It Seems To Me with Tom Read                     Guest:  Dramatic Christmas Programs

During the Christmas season each year, host Tom Read presents some of the wonderful dramatic old time radio christmas programs for your holiday enjoyment.

Eyes On Washington with Marty McClendon    Guest:  Elizabeth Sorensen

First off we have have Elizabeth Sorenson for Saturdays broadcast , the State Director for the Washington State Prayer Caucus. Our friend Matt Shea is the chair.
This is part of the Congressional Prayer caucus in DC. This just launched where legislators are beginning to meet officially in prayer on a weekly basis and then groups all around the state would meet on a separate day to pray.
Elizabeth Sorensen
State Director
Washington Prayer Caucus Network









ACN Saturday Morning at 11:00am

God, Family and Country with David Taylor   Guest:  Marshall Clarkhat

This week, on God, Family and Country, Saturday December 9th, David and Marshall discus the upcoming hearings related to Hirst and the Yakima County Groundwater Utility.  Also, with the 2018 Legislative Session just around the corner, David and Marshall take a look at some of the anti-firearm actions and proposed legislation in the works.  All this and more, this week, on God, Family and Country.

ACN Saturday at 10:30am

Liberty and Posterity with Ron Higgins

Liberty and Posterity program scheduled to be broadcast on ACN on Saturday, December 9.  The program addresses transgenderism from a Biblical and medical perspective.

LBS Network:  KTW - 630 AM and 96.5 FM   Sunday 1:30PM

ACN Network:  Saturdays at 10:00am

John Jacob Schmidt Program on KTW 630 AM and KTW 96.5 FM

What a monumental week! December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day and Jerusalem finally being treated as the rightful capitol of Israel. The globalists and statists are furious, but Trump has it right! Join John Jacob to discuss these two developments. And KIDS! Learn how you can talk to Santa on ham radio, and you can win a 35 Year Anniversary special edition 200 shot Red Rider range model air rifle with a compass in the stock from Radio Free Redoubt, for real! Serial number #100 of only 2500 produced. Start practicing how to decode messages at or

LBS Network:  KTW - 630 AM and 96.5 FM   Saturdays 9:00am

Jim Whites Saturday Radio Program - Critical Disclosure


Tis’ the know the news! Join us on KTW for Critical Disclosure!

This week of December 9th, 2017, we first discuss the rallying price of Bitcoin & the cryptocurrency market in this Christmas season*. In current news, we discuss Al Franken’s resignation, and quickly cover some recent advances in genetic and computer sciences

  Jim – Food for Liberty

KTW 630 AM and KTW 96.5 FM Saturdays at 8:30am 

JOHN LOEFFLER'S STEEL ON STEEL - The Alternative News Radio on Sundays at Noon and on KTW 630 AM and KTW 96.5 FM.

12/09/2017     Making Sense of the Nonsense On what do we base our foundation of morality?  In this week's boralogue, John looks at the gradual removal of God from society and the ages-long attempts to replace Him with logic, reason, and other false gods – to no avail.  Claiming someone or something is bad without a moral grounding in God is just that, a claim. 

Plus, we look at President Trump's Jerusalem declaration in our Clip of the Week.

 With sexual accusations raining down on Hollywood and Washington DC, how do we make sense of it all?  Catalina Avalos (, Criminal Defense Attorney & Director at Tripp Scott Law, examines the legal implications for accusers and the accused and shows the keys to preventing this kind of trouble in the future. 

 Hypothetically, what if the accusations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore were part of a larger plot?  Tom Ertl (, Former National Media Director for Christians for Donald Trump in last year's campaign, discusses the deeper battle between the swamp establishment and grass roots conservatives and how ideas are far more important than ideologies.

 After last November's election, media pundits began questioning how regular people could vote for Donald Trump.  The problem is, they discussed it amongst themselves and ignored regular people.  Ken Stern (, Former CEO of National Public Radio, describes his year-long journey outside of the bubble to learn from those of us in flyover land and to determine if America is as divided as it seems.

 John’s quote of the week:

"Early in the 20th century, we allowed the State to become involved in the marriage business, removing some of the authority from where it traditionally lay in churches and synagogues.  Later on we just pitched God out of the picture all together.  At that point, marriage became whatever the State said it was."

IMPORTANT NOTE:  John has lost one of his sponsors due to sudden unemployment.  We need a new family to step forward as a participating sponsor to keep John on the air.  Email and tell us the monthly amount you can invest in freedom by helping to sponsor John.

 Steel on Steel is made possible and sponsored by

Eric Katzer of Westcoast Window Cleaning of Spokane. Phone 509 325 9484.

ACN announces the program "Hear It Again".   The purpose is to hear again some of the great Bible teaching radio programs of the 40s and 50s.   The series is now presenting historic programs of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour.   "Hear It Again" is being aired  Sundays at 10pm.

The story of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour traces the history of religious broadcasting in the United States.   For the background and history of this program that featured Dr. Charles E. Fuller, click on the FULL STORY.


Dial 1 605 477 4336 - Press 1. on your phone for ACN or 2. for LBS. 

 To change from one network to the other, press * and 1. for ACN and * 2. for LBS.  Most cell phone, cable TV phones, and most local phone companies provide unlimited long distance.

ACN - Where Thousands Gather Each Week - The American Christian Network


Mity Mike says,   "KTAC is now an affiliate of the

 Liberty Broadcasting System".

ACN - Its All You Need



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