Christian Radio from the American Christian Network. Providing Christian radio to the Pacific Northwest. Christian radio featuring Bible teaching and Christian focused news and current events. The American Christian Network Broadcasts the word of God to the Pacific Northwest and beyond via our 6 affiliates. Skip navigation.
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Christian radio featuring Bible teaching and Christian focused news and current events. The American Christian Network Broadcasts the word of God to the Pacific Northwest and beyond via our 6 affiliates. Christian Radio from the American Christian Network. Providing Christian radio to the Pacific Northwest.


Christian Radio. American Christian Network PrayerBroadcasting the word of God to the Pacific Northwest and Beyond.

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 Tom Read Receives Citizen Award!

CARP Award To Tom Read The Spokane Alliance For Property Rights presented their yearly "Champion of the Year" awards at their annual banquet Saturday evening in Spokane. (May 25-2019)

Tom Read of ACN was presented the Citizen Champion of the Year Award and Rob Chase, former Spokane Country Treasurer and host of his KTW radio program, "Cut To The Chase", was presented the Elected Champion of the Year Award.

Special recognition also went to ACN program hosts Mike Fagan, Tim Benn, and Matt Shea.

Tom Read accepted the Citizen Award in the name of you and all ACN listeners.  He was introduced by Shannon Benn and stated:

Shannon (Benn), thank you for that nice introduction.  Another memorable introduction I received was when I addressed a broadcasters group in Seattle.   The MC stated that Marconi invented radio but Tom Read knew what to do with it.   A good friend in the audience with a loud voice like Mike Fagan and a sense of humor like Tim Benn, yelled out, "And Tom Knew Marconi".  (laughter)   Not true, false news.  However you might read it in the Spokesman Review. (applause and laughter).

Yes, the Lord impressed on Melinda and myself that we were to use radio to share the Word, defend the Faith, and provide an outlet to the people, for the important work of groups like CAPR.

I am honored and humbled in accepting this Award but I do so for all of you, our listeners and supporters, and all of our 810 Club members, because without you the American Christian Network would not be here.   You make it all possible and so I accept this honor on behalf of all of you.   Thank you and God Richly Bless You.   (applause)

Tom Read sent a thank you message to Cindy Zapotocky, the President of CAPR, and urges everyone to get involved with this property rights group because without private property rights there is no freedom. 

Experience the excitement of the Grand Opening Day of Expo 74 just as it was heard live on radio and television on Saturday May 4th, 1974.
You will hear President Nixon officially open the Fair, Danny Kaye, Governor Dan Evans, King Cole and many others.
ACN radio network will air the full two hour history making event Saturday, June 8th, starting at 4pm.
The LBS radio network, KTW 630 AM and KTW 96.5 FM will air the Opening Day broadcast of Expo starting at 1pm tomorrow.
Following the Opening Ceremonies you will hear Tommy Walker, who produced the Opening Show, talk about how the ceremonies were produced and you will hear from Bob Hope.
This is a unique opportunity to hear one of the major events in the history of Spokane.  The CEO of ACN, Tom Read was the on air host for the radio and television simulcast.
The picture of the floating stage was taken by Tom Read showing his vantage point of the opening ceremonies.
D DAY is also being remembered this weekend in a special IT SEEMS TO ME program.  Host Tom Read has selected portions of the actual live broadcasts from June 6th, 1944 as heard by our parents and grandparents.  You will hear the President lead the country in prayer and the historic words of General Eisenhower.
It Seems To Me is heard throughout the weekend on ACN and KTW AM and FM.
This week, on God, Family and Country, David and Marshall discuss the problems in the Ag sector and how that could impact all of us.  Also, David and Marshall discuss FIAT currency and how we got to where we're at today.  All this and more, this week, on God, Family and Country on ACN tomorrow morning at 10:30am.

Information from his yet unpublished book, the chapter on Expo 74.  That will be forth coming in a future email blog.

The Expo Opening program was a rare radio-television simulcast.  It was aired live both on radio and television.   Tom Read indicated that he had to provide a delicate balance between sharing what was happening on the floating stage for the radio audience and not overly explaining the events for the television audience that could see what was happening for themselves.
All three television stations in Spokane carried the Opening and Channel 12 in Bellingham, Channel 7 in Seattle, and a station in Portland also carried the simulcast.
All of the radio stations in Spokane aired the Opening plus stations in Bellingham, Seattle, and several other stations that Tom says are lost in memory.
Tom recalls that about the only problem with the radio-television audio was that the audio engineer from Sound Recording in Spokane did not fade the microphones for the band and on the stage when he was talking.  Today, Tom says that he would control all of the audio himself from his vantage point.
The current plan released by ACN today is for the Expo Opening to be aired this Saturday on the full ACN network starting at 4pm.  LBS network will air the Opening starting at 1pm on Saturday.
We are looking forward to Tom Read's personal blog regarding Expo 74.   The Northwest Pioneers Broadcasters interviewed Tom years ago and his insights on the Expo are fascinating.  Basically Tom had started a radio production company called American International Productions. His firm was hired as a communications consultant by Expo.  An honor he did not request or seek. 
He produced the radio broadcast of the Opening and hosted a daily five minute program from Expo that was aired on about 50 radio stations daily.  He also was the MC for most of the International Days at Expo and many of the entertainment shows including the Harry James concert.   All of this while he was still very young.
The Pioneer Broadcasters article remarked that Tom Read was not reading a script or a teleprompter like anchors do today.  He had the remarkable ability to ad-lib, as it is known in the industry.  Keep that in mind as you listen to his narration during the Expo Opening.

Liberty and Posterity with Ron Higgins, Saturday June 8 on ACN 10am:

Liberty and Posterity program.  During this program, I announce my candidacy for the Richland School Board, briefly describe my background, education, and teaching experience, and discuss some of the outrageous, seditious, and harmful policies being imposed on our children by the educational establishment.  I give anecdotes from my personal experience as a teacher of the instances when I encountered unsavory, corrupting, and deliberately false and distorted information being dispensed in our schools.  I explain how I intend to oppose the indoctrination of our children by implementing education that affirms our heritage of liberty; instills an appreciation for our free enterprise economy; treats boys as boys and girls as girls; disseminates truth rather than liberal propaganda; produces citizens who are competent in communication, computation, and civics, and who can function as independent-thinking citizens of our Constitutional Republic.

Compassion International, working with local churches, is bringing the future generation to the Lord.  This is an important ministry if the world is going to be preserved for Christianity.

Tune in , Saturday, June 29th, at 11:30am and 6:30pm to hear a special report on how this can be accomplished.


That is their mission, which they work to achieve through a holistic approach to child development. They carefully blend physical, social, economic and spiritual care together…in Jesus' name.


Child development equips children today with skills to succeed tomorrow. Holistic child development provides opportunities that encourage the healthy development of all aspects of a child — spiritually, physically, socially, emotionally, and even economically.

Holistic child development means we begin assisting a child in poverty, in some cases, when the child is still in the womb, and it means we go all the way through young adulthood with the child.

Holistic child development requires a long-term approach and goes beyond simple involvement in the life of a child. It involves long-term dedication and perseverance, and it changes as a child’s needs change. Holistic child development is tailored to a child's age, gender, health, culture and family situation.

  Learn More About How They View Child Development


They work with thousands of local churches around the world, and each church partner tailors our holistic child development model to the contextualized needs of the children in its community, to best deliver the whole-life care the children need.

They work primarily through child sponsorship, but also have specific initiatives to help babies and mothers, to develop future leaders, and to meet critical needs.

Urge your friends to tune in Saturday, June 29th, at 11:30am and again at 6:30pm on your local ACN network affiliated station.

If you missed Dr. Rita Stec on It Seems To Me recently, you can click on the ACN logo to the left and hear the program.  Tom Read and Dr. Rita discuss "alternative medicine" and why it is no longer alternative.

If you missed the program, click on the ACN logo to the left to hear the program and email all your friends.  Everyone over 50, actually everyone who is concerned about their health and wellness needs to her what Dr. Stec has to say.

Hear Irvin Baxter live weekdays at 1pm on KTW 630 AM and KTW 96.5 FM in Spokane and KTAC 93.9 FM in Central Washington and now rebroadcast on the full ACN network at 8:30pm.

We Thank God For You as you have made it possible for thousands of souls to come to the Lord through the teaching you make possible on ACN!

BACK TO THE BIBLE is back each morning at 10:30am on KTW 630 AM and KTW 96.5 FM in Spokane and on the weekends on the full ACN Radio Network.  In Central Washington, the program is heard on KTAC 93.9 FM daily at 11am.
Back To The Bible is one of the longest running Christian teaching radio ministries in the country.  Dr. Epp began the radio ministry in the late 30s as the Lord spoke to his heart and told him to leave his pastoral position with a small local church and develop a national radio ministry.

"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." (1 Thessalonians 5:16-19)

Dr. Dobson On ACNFamily Talk with Dr. James Dobson, heard daily at 6pm on your local ACN network affiliated station.

Dr. Dobson is also currently heard on the LBS network (KTW 630 AM anbd KTW 96.5 FM) daily at 11:30am.

Dr. Dobson began his radio ministry with a once weekly half hour program that was heard on 1050 AM in Spokane.  Today, years later, Dr. Dobson is still heard on KFIO 1050 AM, In The Air Everywhere in the inland Northwest.



The Doctor and the Bridge

By Jess Read, MD as told to his son, Tom Read

How is a prominent Tacoma, Washington Physician and Surgeon connected with the original Tacoma Narrows Bridge?

What part did Dr. Jess Read play in the history of the 1940 Narrows Bridge?

For the full, fascinating story, click on the Narrows Bridge picture above.

Dr. John G. Mitchell on the Unchanging Word program is heard daily at 3:30pm to provide the most powerful afternoon teaching hour on Christian Radio.  He is teamed with James MacDonald from 3 to4pm on your local ACN network affiliated Christian station.

1050 AM is now back home, back where it started with the best Bible teachers in the country, as the newest affiliate of the American Christian Network.  KFIO, The Magnificent 1050 AM, provides Christian programming to a wide area previously without local Christian radio.  Reception reports have been phenomenal .  For your reception report, email

History of 1050 AM and the historic KFIO call letters click HERE!

Gary Randall mentioned on his November 9th program on ACN that Dr. Jess Read was the last person to cross the Tacoma Narrows Bridge before it went down in 1940.  Yes, that was Tom Read's father.  Now, you can read the rest of the story.   Click HERE!

Expo 74 At 40 Click Here

Here is a picture of the ACN and LBS icons that you will find at your cellphone app store.  Go to your app store on your cell hone and click on the black and white ACN icon and download the free app.   The icons, as pictured, will be available on your phone.   Simply click on the icon and the ACN network audio will start playing through your cell phone.  After you download the ACN free app, then go back to the app store and download the LBS app.  The iPhone and Android cell phones have the app available now for downloading.   

For the Blackberry and other cell phone, click on ACN to listen to the ACN network and click on LBS to listen to the Liberty network.

Want a complete ACN program schedule or a schedule for any of the ACN network affiliates?   Simply click on EMAIL and email us your name, full postal mailing address and the affiliate to which you listen:   KSPO 106.5 FM Spokane, KFIO 1050 AM Inland Northest, KTW 630 AM Spokane, KYAK 930 AM Yakima, KGDN 101.3 FM Tri-Cities/Walla Walla, KTAC 93.9 FM Moses Lake/Othello, KTBI 810 AM Wenatchee and Central Washington.

If you do not already receive the 810 Club email programming bulletins, email now and ask to be placed on the list.   Simply click on the radio. 

ACN CEO, Tom Read, answers listener's questions that have been asked by 810 Club members.  You can also email ACN with your questions.  Click here for ASK TOM READ.


Chiropractic Care * Corrective Exercises * Lifestyle Advice * Nutritional Counseling * Massage Therapy * Spinal & Postural ScreeningsNorthpointe Office  509-464-2273  MonroeOffice  509-326-3795  Hear Dr. Houk on ACN Saturdays at 6am and KTW Saturdays at 7:00am and 1:30pm .   Sundays at 8:00am.


Dial 1 605 477 4336 - Press 1. on your phone for ACN or 2. for LBS. 

 To change from one network to the other, press * and 1. for ACN and * 2. for LBS.  Most cell phone, cable TV phones, and most local phone companies provide unlimited long distance.

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Mity Mike says,   "KTAC is now an affiliate of the

 Liberty Broadcasting System".

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